Wear the Amethyst. You can drink more!

Beautiful, precious, legendary, and powerful.  These are some of the ways that many people throughout history may describe the Amethyst.  Once believed to be the “Gem of Fire” and worth as much as a diamond.  These magnificent stones stood the test of time and are still cherished today.

The birth stone of February babies, the Amethyst is thought to have the energy of fire and passion and creativity and spirituality.  Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that it had the power to prevent drunkenness.  Naturally they studded their goblets with these stones so they can drink more without getting drunk!  Today, it is believed that the Amethyst holds the power to still the mind and purifies the aura of any negative energy.  Wearing Amethyst will provide a protective shield of light around the wearer.  So if you want to be protected and drink as much as you want without getting drunk, try rocking some Amethyst!  Just in time for that New Year’s Eve Party…

As the year comes to an end, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We have some great things coming in 2017 so stay tuned!


*Photo Credit www.minfind.com

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