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“Beauty through simplicity in details”


In 2016 the story of Minette began in Los Angeles, California.  Inspired by delicate modern designs with an emphasis on Gemstones, we set out to provide beautiful, high quality pieces of jewelry.  Minette provides a medium to express and explore your image through everyday wear.      


Working directly with jewelers, we design and produce each piece of jewelry in our collection.  Inspired by sleek lines and classic styling, our jewelry is designed to be effortlessly paired for any occasion.  Handmade or hand assembled, our collections come in limited production of high quality pieces made only from precious metals and natural semi-precious stones.  


We pledge to never deal with sweatshops to produce our jewelry.  It is estimated that 168 million children in underdeveloped countries currently work in these sweatshops under abhorrent working conditions.  Many mass produced fashion jewelry are made in these factories to keep production costs low.  Alternatively, we work directly with family owned jewelers to produce our beautiful one of a kind pieces.


(Owner and designer "V" Vaidhayakul and "Tako")