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Length of necklaces and their names

Length of necklaces and their names

Collar, Choker, and Princess; Do you know the names associated with different types of necklaces?  The names used to describe each necklace is directly associated with how long they are.  So next time you hear your friends talking about a'll know exactly what they're talking about. 

Necklace lengths are more personal preference rather than fashion requirements in this day and age.  You won’t get strange stares if you wear Opera beads in the middle of an afternoon unless you time traveled back to 1880.  So be creative and mix and match as you please.

13 to 16 inches are Collar & Choker

17 to 19 inches are Princess

20 to 24 inches are Matinee

28 to 32 inches are Opera

Over 45 inches are considered Lariat or Ropes

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