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Jewelry to have by your 30th Birthday

Jewelry to have by your 30th Birthday

Most of us, myself especially, spent our 20's worrying about the start of life after finishing school.  Then came the continuous effort of trying to balance work and life while trying to squeeze in as much of that "life" as possible.  Friends, family, and travel are things that always rise to the top of that list.  Rarely do we ever think about owning a special piece of something that you will enjoy wearing on a daily basis without giving much thought.

Own something that you can wear 24-7 like a simple gold necklace with a beautiful stone or a simple gold band.  It will be your little "go to" something that you can comfortable wear to any occasion any time of the day.  Have it be meaningful, sentimental, and wear it with the thought of knowing you've earn it.  You've worked hard for an entire decade so treat yourself!  


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