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How to measure your ring finger

How to measure your finger

We’ve all been there.  Binge shopping in the wonderful world of the internet.  You come across and instantly fall in love with a ring that will change your life.  Then you come to realize you don’t know if it will fit!  Most people believe that in order to have your fingers sized for a ring, a jeweler is the only person you can turn to.  But that’s simply not the case.  Anyone can accurately measure their own finger size with some simple tools at home.

Things you’ll need

  1. A strip of paper or string
  2. A ruler
  3. A pen or pencil

 How to measure

  1. Wrap the strip of paper around the finger you want to measure
  2. Mark the area where the strip of paper or string meet.
  3. Measure the distance.
  4. Use the chart below to find your ring size

Things to remember

  1. Finger size shrink with changing temperatures. Make sure you do not measure when it is extremely cold or hot.
  2. Some people have bigger knuckles. Make sure that you accommodate so the ring will be able to slide onto the finger. 
  3. When in doubt go bigger! You don’t want to end up at the emergency room with a stuck ring.

Now that you’re a pro and measured all ten of your fingers.  Happy shopping everyone!


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